Plants Size

Plants Size

Plants size that selling on our shop

Important!  All plants that you will have all rooted plant and no flower or bud.

Hoya plants which selling in our shop have are as the following information
1.    Young plant. New cutting Hoya 6-12 months, high or length 2-30 cm, rooted
2.    Small plant is the cutting plant 12-18 months, rooted
3.    Near blooming plant size is 2-3 years from cutting which have not bloom.
4.    Full growth or blooming size is 2.5-4 years old. It have already had blooming once or several times.

Hoya size 


Exotica plants. Most of the plant are 1-3 years which are grown in Thailand. They were trimmed down to the size 25-30cm high and re-grow in compose (not soil), before being transported to Sweden.
We have plants height 40-60 cm, if they are growing from seed.
Some plants for example Jasminum sambac is full growth and ready to bloom.



Adenium plants is sent out as bare-root plant high about 25-30 cm, which you can grow it in soil as soon as you get it.